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Application API (aka Storefront API) allows developers to customize the online storefronts of their clients. It provides access to the same data customers see when they browse the storefront. It provides features such as

  1. Product Information: Retrieve details about products, collections, and variants. Example: getProductDetailBySlug API fetches product details based on slug input.
  2. Customer orders: Get orders of a customer. Example: getOrders API fetches the order history of a customer.
  3. Checkout Process: Create and manage checkouts, including adding items, applying discounts, and processing payments. Example: addItems API adds items to the cart.

Download the Postman collection

Client Libraries

Use our official API client libraries to easily interact with our APIs in the programming language of your choice



To interact with our Application APIs, you'll need a valid applicationId and applicationToken. You can find these credentials from your company's platform panel. This guide will help you to authenticate with fynd's application side APIs. Here, you will learn to make API calls to fynd's application side APIs with raw curl requests and you will also learn to use FDK Client libraries to make application API calls.


  • You've registered on the Fynd Platform and have access to any sales channel in the company.

Step 1: Retrieve application credentials

You can obtain your application Id and application token from platform panel. Follow the steps outlined below to retrieve the credentials for your company

  1. Log in to your Fynd Platform account.
  2. Here, if you have access to any company you will get the screen to select a company, otherwise it will open Create Company form.
  3. Select the company from the company list, it will open the Fynd Platform Dashboard.
  4. Click on the Developers tab in the sidebar, which will open APIs & SDKs page.
  5. Now, click on the Application Token tab which will open a list of application credentials for all applications(sales channels) in the current company.
  6. Now, you can check the application credentials for your application(sales channel).

Step 2: Make authenticated requests to application-side APIs

To make authenticated requests to Fynd’s applications side APIs you need to pass the authorization header in the request

Header nameDescription
AuthorizationIt's a combination of application_id and application_token {application_id:application_token} base64 string. Pass this token as a Basic {base64TokenString} in authorization header.

Refer following shell script to convert application_id and application_token to base64TokenString

base64TokenString=$(echo -n {application_id}:{application_token} | base64)

Example: Authenticated request to application API

curl -X GET "" \ 
-H 'Authorization: Bearer {base64TokenString}'