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Introduction to Extensions

Before you start learning about extension development, it’s important to understand Fynd Platform and how extensions fit into Fynd Platform.

What is Fynd Platform?

Fynd Platform is an e-commerce platform that helps sellers set up and run their business. Sellers can find everything they need to manage their business such as showcase their products online, process payments, fulfill orders and manage inventory. Refer Fynd Platform User Guide for a detailed understanding of all the features available to a seller.

What is an Extension on Fynd Platform?

An extension provides additional features on top of the existing Fynd Platform functionality. Extensions can be created to introduce new functionalities to Fynd Platform stores, enhance the Fynd Platform seller interface, or create custom purchasing experiences for customers. Extensions assist Fynd Platform sellers in expanding their businesses, integrating with external services, and enhancing features within the Fynd Platform seller panel.


Relation of Extensions with Fynd Platform

Extensions can do the following actions:

  • Consume Fynd Platform APIs to read and write the data of the sales channel
  • Add new features and functionalities to the Fynd Platform seller panel
  • Enhance the way customers see information and interact with the storefronts.


Next Steps

Follow this quick start guide to understand how to create an extension using FDK CLI