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Glossary of Common Terms

CustomerEnd consumer who purchases products and services offered through sales channels of a company.User
MerchantEither owner of a Fynd Platform account or its authorized staff members who can use the feature being described.Seller
Selling LocationPhysical Store, warehouse, storage facility, or fulfillment center where merchants keep their inventory stock.Store, Location
ApplicationSales channel through which customers explore merchant offerings and make purchase.Sales Channel, Storefront
Application APIGives access to customer facing data of an application to power storefront user experience.Storefront API
Application IDUnique identifier of a sales channel of a company.
CompanyA merchant account on Fynd Platform.Fynd Platform Account, Merchant or Seller Account, Account.
Company IDUnique identifier of a company.
ExtensionsPlugins that extend the functionality of a merchant's company on the Fynd Platform by offering additional features beyond the basic capabilities.
Fynd Development Kit (FDK)Suite of resources and tools designed to expedite extension and theme development and improve developer productivity.SDK
FDK ClientSDK library that abstracts away the underlying complexities of making API requests to Fynd Platform and handling responses.SDK libraries, FDK Client libraries, fdk-client-javascript, fdk-client-java, fdk-client-python
Platform APIGives access to merchant facing data of a company like creating products, updating inventory, creating promotions, and so on.
Company level platform APIGives access to merchant facing data that isn't related to a specific sales channel and generally affects all the sales channel. You don't require to specify Application ID in these APIs.
Application level platform APIGives access to merchant facing data related to a specific sales channel. You need to pass Application ID in these APIs to specify which sales channel the API is requested for.
Partner APIGives access to partner account data and helps in extension and theme management.
Theme EditorAllows merchant to customise the appearance and functionality of their online store by modifying layout, and design elements.
Partner OrganizationA partner account created on Fynd Partners required for accessing Fynd Platform as a partner.Partner Account
FDK CLIStreamlines development tasks, enabling developers to create starter code template, build, and test extensions and themes efficiently from the command line.
EnvironmentCluster in which the extension or theme is being built. Can be derived from the domain where your partner account is created. If your partner account is created on then environment (or cluster) URL would be https://api.fynd.comCluster
Live AccountRepresents an access of a partner organisation to a merchant operated company on Fynd Platform. Live account id is same as company id.Company
Development AccountTest company on Fynd Platform used by developers for testing extensions or themes before they are made available to merchants.
Partner PanelUser interface provided to Fynd partners enabling developing and publishing extensions and themes, managing development and live accounts, accessing resources, and tracking performance metrics.
Extension URLHosting URL of the extension serverBase URL, Launch URL, Hosting URL
Theme BindingEnables extension UI components to be dynamically rendered in the online storefront.
Extension TypeRepresents the way in which extension interacts with Fynd Platform and type of use case solved. Following type of extension can be created: General, Payments, Sales Channel & Logistics.
Company-level ExtensionProvide features that are not related to sales channels and are accessible to merchants from the Extensions tab under Company area on Fynd Platform.Company Launch Type
Application-level ExtensionAdd features in sales channels and are accessible to merchants from Extensions tab under Sales channels.Application Launch Type, Sales Channel-level Extension
Marketplace ExtensionConnect merchant stores to marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, AJIO, and so on.Sales Channel Extension
Payments ExtensionIntegrate Fynd Platform with Payment Gateway or Payment aggregator to provide payment processing services to merchants.
Logistics ExtensionIntegrate Fynd Platform with Delivery Partners to provide delivery services to merchants.
Extension DistributionRefers to the way extension is published to be accessible to intended merchants.
Private ExtensionDistributed to and installable by specific companies
Public ExtensionPublished on extensions marketpalce and can be installed by any merchant on Fynd Platform.
Partner Access TokenAuthentication token generated from partner panel that is required to create extension and theme through FDK CLI.
FDK Extension LibraryStreamlines extension development by auto handling extension OAuth implementation and providing methods to generate API Clients, subscribe to webhooks, and implement extension’s session and access token storage.Extension Helper Library, fdk-extension-javascript, fdk-extension-java, fdk-extension-python
Access ScopeRepresents a permission given to API client to access required data of merchant's company.Scopes, Permissions, API scopes
Extension Proxy URLEnables extension to make API calls to its server from online storefronts using Fynd Platform as a proxy so as to avoid CORS error by browser.
Extension IDUnique identifier of an extension.Extension Client ID, extension-api-key
Extension SecretSecret key used for authenticating interaction between Fynd Platform and extension.Extension Client Secret, extension-api-secret
Access ModeDetermines the way access token can be used to call Fynd Platform APIs. It can be Online or Offline.
Online Access ModeGenerates temporary access token to be used for calling Fynd Platform APIs while merchant is actively interacting with extension in iframe on Fynd Platform's merchant panel.
Online Access TokenToken generated using Online Access mode. Can only be used for calling Fynd Platform APIs when the extension is opened in iframe by merchant on Fynd Platform..
Offline Access ModeUsed for calling Fynd Platform APIs in background tasks that don't require active merchant session like handling payments, updating inventory.
Offline Access TokenToken generated using offline access mode and can be used to call Fynd Platform APIs in background tasks.
Extension Launch typeDetermines where in the merchant panel the extension is accessible to merchants to open it in an iframe.Launch location
Extension Bridge LibraryHelps to set up contextual UI components as part of the header when extensions are launched in iframe.