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The Fynd Platform Partner API allows developers to manage their partner panel data programmatically. It enables partners to efficiently manage their extensions, themes, development accounts, and other resources. Key features include:

  1. Extension Management: Create, update, and manage extensions.
  2. Theme Management: Create and update theme listings on the Themes Marketplace.
  3. Analytics and Reports: Access and generate reports on webhook delivery, extension API health, and installs/uninstalls.
  4. Administrative Tasks: Perform administrative tasks, such as setting up back-office operations. For example, the createCourierPartnerScheme API allows your back-office team to create schemes for your logistics extension.

Download the Postman collection

Client Libraries

Use our official API client libraries to easily interact with our APIs in the programming language of your choice



To interact with our Partners APIs, you'll need a valid access token.

To get an access token, you can simply use your clientId and clientSecret. You can find these credentials from your organization's partners panel. Check out our step-by-step guide for making authenticated requests to our partners APIs.