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Introduction to Fynd Partners Program

The Fynd Partners Program is for designers, developers, marketers, and affiliates who use the Fynd platform to create e-commerce websites, themes, and extensions. Partners can earn revenue and grow their business through three different avenues.

Earn revenue through Fynd Partners Program by:

  • Referring sellers to Fynd Platform on a paid plan for recurring commissions
  • Developing and selling e-commerce themes through Themes Marketplace or to a specific merchant
  • Developing and selling extensions through Extension Marketplace.

Our omni-channel platform empowers your clients to securely and reliably showcase and sell their products anywhere. With the Fynd platform, you can fully customize the storefront to meet your client's exact needs.

Benefits of Fynd Partner Program

Fynd Partners earn money based on their activities and contributions to the Fynd Platform ecosystem. Earnings may vary depending on location and applicable tax regulations. Referral earnings are calculated on merchant fees paid to Fynd, net of any discounts or credits.

The program supports the community of sellers on the platform to build and scale their businesses.

Fynd Partners receive several benefits as part of the program, including:

  • Access to exclusive Fynd Partner education, training, and enablement resources.
  • Build your credibility and client base through our recognition programs and partner badge system.
  • Access to newsletters containing updates on product roadmap, upcoming features and best practices you can follow to grow your business,
  • Quick resolution of your queries through the following channels:
Video: Creating a Fynd Partner Account