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Glossary of Common Terms

CustomerEnd consumer who purchases products and services offered through sales channels of a company.User
MerchantEither owner of a Fynd Platform account or its authorized staff members who can use the feature being described.Seller
Selling LocationPhysical Store, warehouse, storage facility, or fulfillment center where merchants keep their inventory stock.Store, Location
ApplicationSales channel through which customers explore merchant offerings and make purchaseSales Channel, Storefront
Application APIGives access to customer facing data of an application to power storefront user experience.Storefront API
Application IDUnique identifier of a sales channel of a company
CompanyA merchant account on Fynd Platform.Fynd Platform Account, Merchant or Seller Account, Account
Company IDUnique identifier of a company
ExtensionsPlugins that extend the functionality of a merchant's company on the Fynd Platform by offering additional features beyond the basic capabilities.
Fynd Development Kit (FDK)Suite of resources and tools designed to expedite extension and theme development and improve developer productivity.SDK
FDK ClientSDK library that abstracts away the underlying complexities of making API requests to Fynd Platform and handling responses.SDK libraries, FDK Client libraries, fdk-client-javascript, fdk-client-java, fdk-client-python
Theme EditorAllows merchant to customise the appearance and functionality of their online store by modifying layout, and design elements.
Partner OrganizationA partner account created on Fynd Partners required for accessing Fynd Platform as a partner.Partner Account
FDK CLIStreamlines development tasks, enabling developers to create starter code template, build, and test extensions and themes efficiently from the command line.
EnvironmentCluster in which the extension or theme is being built. Can be derived from the domain where your partner account is created. If your partner account is created on then environment (or cluster) URL would be https://api.fynd.comCluster
Themes MarketplaceThemes store where merchants can explore and install ready to use themes for their online storefront.Themes Store
Live AccountRepresents an access of a partner organisation to a merchant operated company on Fynd Platform. Live account id is same as company id.Company
Development AccountTest company on Fynd Platform used by developers for testing extensions or themes before they are made available to merchants.
Partner PanelUser interface provided to Fynd partners enabling developing and publishing extensions and themes, managing development and live accounts, accessing resources, and tracking performance metrics.
Action ComponentVue components that expose functions for theme developer to call Application API.
SectionsSections are re-usable UI elements which can be configured from Theme Editor.
BlocksBlocks are used as multi-entry props for a section. These are configurable from Theme Editor.
Theme ComponentsUI Components exported from a theme.
System PagesPre-defined pages for a theme.Theme Pages
Global ComponentsComponents defined in theme engine which can be used by theme developers.
Fynd Platform Interface (FPI)Class that helps manage extension theme bindings and listen to events triggered by theme engine in online storefront during customer sessions.
Theme BindingEnables extension UI components to be dynamically rendered in the online storefront.
Public ThemeThemes that can be used and customized by multiple merchants as per their requirements. These themes are listed on themes marketplace.
Custom ThemeTheme developed for a specific storefront and is not easily customizable for other storefronts.
Partner Access TokenAuthentication token generated from partner panel that is required to create extension and theme through FDK CLI.