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Get Started

This page will help you learn the following tasks:

  1. Install FDK CLI
  2. Generate the starter code for your extension using FDK CLI
  3. Preview your extension on a development account

Make sure you complete all the Prerequisites given in Quick Start overview before starting this tutorial.

Install FDK CLI

FDK-CLI is a command-line interface tool to simplify the theme and extension development process. You can read the documentation here.

To install the latest version of FDK-CLI, run the following command in your terminal:

npm install -g @gofynd/fdk-cli

Check if fdk-cli is successfully installed by running this command:

fdk --version

If it is installed successfully, it will return the version:



To see a list of available commands and their descriptions, use fdk --help.

Generate the starter code for extension

Before you use FDK CLI to create your extension's starter code, make sure you have generated and copied Partner Access token by following the below steps

How to Generate Partner Access Token

To create the extension, you must have the partner access token. Follow these steps to generate it:

  1. Log in to your Fynd Partners account.Click Login

  2. Click **Manage**.Click Manage

  3. Select the organization in which you want to create an extension.Choose Organization

  4. Click the profile icon and select **Access Token** from the list.Open Access Token

  5. Click **Generate Token**.Generate Access token

  6. Enter a name for the token and click **Create**.Create Token

  7. Copy the token.Copy Token

Follow below steps in FDK CLI to generate your extension's starter code

  1. Check environment using below command:

    fdk env get

    Command will return the current active environment. Ensure that the active environment returned by this command matches the environment in which you intend to create your extension. For example, if your partner account exists at, your environment should be Fynd

  2. Login in to FDK-CLI using command below:

    fdk login

    If using fdk-cli version 3.x.x or older, it's necessary to provide an email or mobile number for login. Use one of the following commands:

    fdk login -e
    fdk login -m 9999999999

    Verify if you are logged in or not by running the following command:

    fdk user
  3. To create the extension run the following command:

    fdk extension init

    To know more about the init command, click here.

  4. Enter Extension Name

  5. Select Extension Type. You can select between Private and Public.

  6. Select your preferred technology stack from these options: 'Node+Vue', 'Node+React','Python+Vue','Python+React','Java+Vue','Java+React'

  7. Paste the Partner Access Token which we have copied previously.

    extension init FDK-CLI will create the extension folder into the current directory of the local system with starter code and register the extension in your Fynd Partners account. Navigate to Partner Panel > Extensions > Your Extension, to check and edit your extension's registration details

  8. Change the directory to your extension directory by running the following command:

    cd "Example Extension"

Internally FDK CLI installs FDK Extension and Client libraries in the starter code which helps in OAuth implementation, calling SDK methods and configuring webhooks. Check out the documentation of these libraries in your preferred technology stack

FDK Extension Libraries

The FDK Extension library facilitates seamless configuration of authentication for accessing Fynd Platform APIs and webhooks subscriptions. OAuth implementation is essential for establishing the necessary foundational authentication for both functionalities. Explore the following libraries in your preferred language

FDK Client Libraries

FDK Client Library is a peer dependency in FDK Extension Library and contains all the methods to call Fynd platform API's.

Preview your extension on a development account

  1. Run following fdk command to get the extension preview url
fdk extension preview-url -p 8080

FDK CLI will generate a preview URL using Ngrok. Notice that preview URL has been added in the EXTENSION_BASE_URL in your extension's .env file and in the 'Extension Setup' form on the partner panel.

What is Extension Base URL

Base URL is where you host your extension. This is used by Fynd Platform to launch your extension on Fynd Platform. Base URL is also called Extension URL. You need to provide Base URL in ‘Extension Setup’ form in your partner panel and also in your extension codebase in .env file.


fdk extension preview-url command internally utilizes Ngrok to create a tunnel between your localhost server and an Ngrok URL. This allows you to access your extension from any device for testing and development purposes.

You do not need to install Ngrok separately, as it is automatically installed with FDK-CLI. However, you will need an Ngrok auth-token, which can be obtained from their website.

You can read Ngrok docs to know more.


Don’t close terminal window in which the above command is run. Run the following commands in a new terminal window and keep extension preview-url command running in another terminal.

  1. Build extension front end and start backend server
npm run build
npm run start

Don’t forget to repeat the above last step every time changes are made to the Extension code.

  1. Copy Preview URL and paste it into the browser to Install/Launch Extension extension_launch