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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between PlatformClient and Application Client

The Application client gives you unauthenticated access to customer-facing data like managing a customer's cart, creating checkouts. It's primarily used to build websites.

Platform Client gives you authenticated access seller facing data like create product, get inventory details.

2. What’s the different between Application and Company launch type of extensions?

Extensions which have a launch type as ‘Company’ are accessible to sellers from the Extensions tab under Company section on Fynd Platform. These extensions cater to company-level use cases such as catalogue, orders, selling locations, inventory, and more.

Extensions which have a launch type as ‘Application’ are accessible to sellers from the Extensions tab under a Sales Channel on Fynd Platform. These extensions cater to use cases within a single website.

3. What’s Base URL of extension and where do I need to provide base URL?

Base URL is where you will host your extension. This is used by Fynd Platform to launch your extension on Fynd Platform. Base URL is also called Extension URL. You need to provide Base URL in ‘Extension Setup’ form in your partner panel and also in your extension codebase.

4. How are extensions launched on Fynd Platform?

Fynd Platform provides an iframe that extensions can use to interact with sellers. When a seller wants to access your extension, Fynd Platform opens your extension’s iframe and calls your extension’s base URL.

5. Where can I find Webhook event details and how to subscribe to them?

Webhooks can be configured using setupFdk function in FDK Extension library. Refer this guide for more details

6. Can I implement OAuth without using fdk extension library?

Currently we don’t support extension OAuth implementation without using fdk extension library. Refer one of the FDK Extension Library as per your language preference to know more

  • fdk-extension-javascript
  • fdk-extension-python
  • fdk-extension-java
  • 7. How can I have custom DB implementation for storing extension credentials instead of using Redis in fdk extension library?

    There is BaseStorage class in FDK Extension library which you can extend to implement other storage than Redis and pass new Storage class instance on the SetupFDK function. Refer these resources

  • fdk-extension-javascript
  • fdk-extension-python
  • fdk-extension-java
  • 8. Can a Fynd company have multiple sales channel?

    Yes, Fynd Platform supports multiple sales channels in a company and also integrates with popular marketplaces.