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Using Theme Editor

The Fynd Platform offers a feature-rich theme editor that enables merchants to customize their theme. They have the ability to add or remove sections, create new section pages, modify page configurations, and update global settings. Additionally, the theme editor allows for the updating of SEO settings for pages.

To navigate to the theme editor, visit the Themes Panel under your Sales Channel. Platform Panel → Sales Channel → Appearance → Themes. In the Themes Panel, click on the Edit button to open the Theme Editor to modify your theme.

Adding or removing sections

To add or remove sections on a specific page, please navigate to the desired page. To create a new section, simply click on the "Add Section" button located on the left panel, and then select the desired section from the available options listed. Similarly, to remove a section, click on the cross icon situated on the right-hand side of the section within the left panel. Before saving your modifications, you can view these changes in real-time by referring to the preview bar located on the right side.

Section Settings

To edit the settings of a section, click the settings button for the specific section. A settings popup window will appear, allowing you to modify the following:

View Settings

  1. Screen Size: Choose the desired screen size for the section, such as mobile, tablet, or desktop.
  2. User Type: Make the section visible to specific user types.
  3. Platform Settings: Select the platform where the section should be visible.


You can set up a schedule for a specific section and define the frequency for a particular section and banner.

  1. In the Scheduler section, add a schedule as per the requirement of your sales channel.
  2. Specify the start date and time, as well as the end date and time.
  3. Select the Advance Settings checkbox to add the frequency of the schedule.
  4. You can set the frequency either at a specific time or customize the timings to meet your needs.
  5. The next schedule will be displayed in the Upcoming Schedule section.


This is a section setting that allows for the display or hiding of a specific section within the selected zones, based on the zone settings. Create a zone based on the region of your sales channel in the Delivery Zone setting.

Route Settings

Define route settings for respective section by specifying how that section should be accessed and navigated within the application.


Figure 1: Section Settings


The theme prevents sellers from opening multiple tabs to edit it and locks the editor to prevent conflicting edits. Also, sellers are prompted to save or discard unsaved changes before leaving the page. This confirmation prompt also appears when changing pages via the drop-down menu, ensuring changes are appropriately saved or discarded to prevent data loss.


Figure 2: Disabling of Multi-tab Theme Edits


Figure 3: Page Exit Intent Pop-up