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The Fynd Platform Theme Marketplace is the ideal place for merchants when starting their online store journey. By developing themes for this store, you can boost your own business while assisting countless merchants in creating their own. The Fynd Platform Theme Marketplace offers versatile pricing options and intelligent marketing features, making it an ideal platform to showcase your themes and grow your enterprise.

Theme Prerequisites

To become a Fynd Platform Theme Partner, you must adhere to our Theme Marketplace requirements. Our comprehensive checklist covers aspects such as theme appearance, functionality, and user experience.


Themes submitted to the Fynd Platform Theme Marketplace must meet all requirements to be published. Failure to comply with any of the guidelines will result in rejection, necessitating modifications before resubmission.

Theme Testing

Prior to submitting your theme, thorough testing is advised to ensure it incorporates all mandatory Fynd Platform features, exhibits flexibility, and resilience, and performs optimally. This ensures that your theme meets the desired standards of quality and functionality.

Theme Submission

When you are ready to showcase your theme, follow the submission process to list it on the Fynd Platform Theme marketplace. We'll assist in creating a comprehensive listing that clearly communicates your theme's capabilities to merchants.

Theme Growth and Business

After your theme is published, ongoing support, regular updates, and managing merchant reviews are vital for its success. Additionally, access to brand assets enables you to bolster theme promotion through marketing materials.