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Creating and Publishing Public Extension

What are Public Extensions?

These are extensions that you create for a large number of merchants. Your extension is published on the marketplace.

Since public extensions are open to the masses, it goes through an approval process after you create them. Fynd will check whether the extension meets the standard guidelines, following which it will be published on the marketplace.

Creating a Public Extension

  1. Log in to your Fynd Partners account, go to the Extensions section and click on Create Extension.


    Figure 1: Fynd Partner Panel

  2. Choose the Public Extension option.


    Figure 2: Choosing Public Extension

  3. Give a name to the extension along with its description and logo.


    Figure 3: Entering The Details

  4. Specify the launch URl and enter the developer's email ID.


    Figure 4: Entering The Details

  5. Choose a Launch Location for your extension. Depending on its purpose, you can launch an extension at a company-level, application-level, or as a marketplace.


    Figure 5: Choosing The Launch Location

  6. Also, give permission to access the necessary APIs that the extension would require.


    Figure 6a: Granting Company-level Permissions


    Figure 6b: Granting Application-level Permissions

  7. Next, click Create to save the configuration.

Publishing Your Extension

  1. On the Extensions page, click the extension you created.


    Figure 7: Your Extension

  2. Click on Submit for review


    Figure 8a: Submitting For Review

    ...or click the kebab menu (⋮) and click on Publish.


    Figure 8b: Submitting For Review

  3. Describe your extension in as much detail as possible.


    Figure 9a: Adding Details For Marketplace


    Figure 9b: Adding Details For Marketplace

  4. Add the features of your extension. This will help the merchants know what the extension has to offer.


    Figure 10: Including A List Of Features

  5. Add snapshots of the functionality of your extension. You include Desktop and Mobile screens whichever is applicable.


    Figure 11a: Adding Desktop Screens


    Figure 11b: Adding Mobile Screens

  6. You can create different pricing plans for your extension:

    • Free to install - Only one free plan.
    • Recurring charge - You may create multiple plans, free or paid, monthly or annually.
    • One Time charge - Only one paid plan for lifetime.


    Figure 12: Creating A Pricing Plan

  7. After filling all the details:

    • You can preview how the extension is going to look on marketplace
    • Save as draft
    • Submit for review

Once you submit the extension, it will undergo a review process.


Figure 13: Installing Your Extension


If your submission is rejected, you can check the page (shown above) to know the reason. Following that, you can fix the issue and resubmit the extension.

If approved, your app will be published on the marketplace on the link:


Figure 14: Installing Your Extension

Any merchant can go the Extension section of their Fynd Platform account and click on Explore to view all the public extensions.


Figure 15: Seller's Extension Page

Interested merchants can click on your extension and install it.


Figure 16: Seller's Extension Page