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Extension Developer Tools

Fynd Platform provides a range of software tools, sample extensions, and libraries to accelerate your development process.

Developer tools

  • FDK CLI: Quickly set up your development environment by generating starter code for your extension using our command line tool
  • Design Library: Effortlessly build your extension's UI using our library of components, tokens and icons

FDK Extension Libraries

The FDK Extension library facilitates seamless configuration of authentication for accessing Fynd Platform APIs and webhooks subscriptions. OAuth implementation is essential for establishing the necessary foundational authentication for both functionalities. Explore the following libraries in your preferred language

FDK Client Libraries

FDK Client Library is a peer dependency in FDK Extension Library and contains all the methods to call Fynd platform API's.

SDK Reference

Describes in detail all the SDK methods available to call Fynd Platform APIs. It provides sample requests, error code description and try out features

  • Platform SDK: Primarily used for building extensions, these APIs give you authenticated access to seller facing data of Fynd Platform Company like creating products, updating inventory, creating promotions, and so on.

Other Libraries

Streamline development of common extension features through these libraries

  • Billing Library: helps in easy implementation of billing flow and managing subscriptions of Fynd Platform Extensions. It will handle db activities and communicating with Fynd Platform for fetching subscription status.
  • Extension Bridge Library: helps you set up contextual items as part of the header for extensions.